Ballast Water

A research project about ballast water and invasive species.

July, 2012
The Experimental Program to Stimulate Competetive Research (EPSCoR) asked RISD students to explore ways of visualizing scientific data, mainly focusing on oceanography. Out of the list of topics, I chose to research ballast water. I learned that when ships carry cargo, they have to fill their ballast tanks with seawater for stability. As the tanks fill up, organisms are taken into the tanks, and are transported into new ecosystems, where they may become harmful to the native plants and animals.

This project was my first attempt at creating information graphics. The most challenging part about the project was collecting and sifting through all of the research, paired with the planning and organization of data. The final result of this semester long project was a series of posters, followed by a process book of all the work that went into them.
Final Products

Process Book

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