An exploration in the wonders of impaired vision.

July, 2012
I am legally blind. At least, I am without my corrective lenses. My eyesight is so bad that everything literally turns into strange, organic, blurry shapes. The only way that I can see something clearly is to hold it an inch from my eyes. A lot of people have terrible vision, but few are as poor as mine. I may have trouble making out where one object ends and another begins, but the world I see is beautiful. Through my eyes all the details are removed from the world, and all that remains is light and color. My eyesight simplifies and unravels complexity. It is not an impairment, it is a tool of clarity.

This book is a collection of experiments using my eyesight as a tool.
The Way I See
The Way I See
Spring 2012
Close up of spine
The letter 'A'
The letter 'H'
The letter 'O'
The letter 'U'
The letter 'G'
The letter 'Q'
The letter 'M'
The letter 'R'
The letter 'E'
The letter 'C'
The letter 'W'
The full alphabet.
Index explaining which page shows which letter.
Front and back covers.

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