My main goal in making this book was to create something beautiful without the use of a computer. The outside covers are hand-made paper that I created myself, and all of the text was printed with a letterpress. The book is constructed in two accordions, attached at the middle (called a dos-a-dos accordion). Each end is half of a conversation, and the two ends of the conversation are attached by strings that run through the book. As the pages are pulled open, the string tightens and the reader can feel the tension as it does so with each spread. The string symbolizes the tension of a long distance relationship, stretching through thin air like wires on a
telephone pole.
                                                 The top view of the box.
The inside of the box lid, next to the book inside the bottom of the box, as it appears when the box is first opened.
The book on the left, with the bottom of the box on the right.
The first page on the red end of the conversation.
The same page on the opposite side of the conversation.
The other side of the conversation. The telephone pole is made from a hand-carved linoleum block.
The back sides of the accordion are large bleed prints that say "closeness has nothing to do with distance."

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