Hi, I'm Megan.

These are some of my most recent design projects.

Legalinc Homepage Redesign
A mockup created for the redesign of Legalinc's website.
April, 2017
Stout Vape Co.
A branding project created for a line of e-liquid products.
April, 2015
Route Race
A desktop and mobile-friendly game created to promote a routing product.
January, 2017
Zombie Dispatch
In Zombie Dispatch, the player must defend a truck driver from a hoard of zombies and deliver life-saving supplies to a hospital. The game was created for a social media campaign aiming to raise awareness about the importance of the truck driving industry.
October, 2016
Seaside Healthcare Website
A friendly, professional website created for a mental healthcare provider.
September, 2016
CECO Homepage Redesign
A homepage mockup created during the redesign of CECO Environmental's website redesign.
March, 2016
RiseSmart Infographics
A series of custom illustrated infographics created for an outplacement service provider. Each infographic is unique in subject matter, but follow the same style of illustration to maintain brand consistency.
January, 2016
Progressive Laboratories Catalog
This is a catalog that I created for Progressive Laboratories, a nutritional supplement manufacturing company.
October, 2014
Weingart Timeline
A physical timeline of Wolfgang Weingart's contributions to the world and to graphic design.
July, 2012
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